12 Celebrity Sports Fans: Their Favorite Teams



Who doesn’t love supporting their favorite soccer, football or basketball team? Celebrities feel the same and not only do they get the best seats, but they love their teams as much as the next guy! Let’s take a look at a few celebrities and which teams they support.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

When he’s not casting spells and solving mysteries, Daniel is an avid supporter of the New York Giants, even placing a bet against Ellen DeGeneres that the Giants would win the Super Bowl.

2. Bradley Cooper

He’s a huge A-lister after his recent roles, and is an even huger Eagles fan. He’s often spotted at the Lincoln Financial Field to watch his favorite team play.

3. Justin Bieber

He might be on a temporary hiatus from the music industry, but that just means that he has more time to watch his favorite team play. Justin is a huge Falcons fan and shows his support at least once a month by visiting the team’s home ground.

4. Selena Gomez

Selena sticks by her ex-boyfriend’s side (at least with this matter) and is also an avid Falcons fan. She’s been spotted posing with fans before big games and shouting at the top of her lungs whenever a run’s made!

5. Brad Pitt

Brad seems to have plenty of time on his hands with his happy family life in full swing, but when he’s not at home you can see him supporting the New Orleans Saints. He even has a signed shirt from every player on the team.

6. Barack Obama

When he’s not doing what Presidents do best, Barack enjoys a seat in the VIP area at the Chicago Bears home stadium. He’s a massive fan, and has even been late to meetings when the team’s games run late.

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    B.O. is also a huge fan of the Muslim Brotherhood, taxes, perversion, ruining the economy, Iran securing a nuclear bomb, etc.


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