13 Funny Facts About Will Ferrell



Possibly the most popular comedian in the world right now, Will Ferrell has seen major success with his movies and as an SNL cast member.

So we thought, what can we dig up and share with you that you might not have known about him?

1. Real Name

William is actually his middle name. His first name is John.

2. Education

The comedian has a sports journalism degree from the University of Southern California.

3. Scar

A scar can be seen on his abdomen during his many shirtless movie scenes.

As a child, he had surgery to correct pyloric stenosis, an uncommon digestive condition that leads to vomiting.

4. Stand-up

Will is possibly the most famous comedian who doesn’t have a history in stand-up, but instead went straight into acting.

5. Wife

He’s still married to his Swedish wife Viveca Paulin, who he met in 1994 in an acting class.

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