21 Facts You Didn’t Known About Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion as he is now known, is one of the biggest rappers in the world and was one of the original founders of the rap generation.

We all know what he looks like, how he sounds and what he does best, but what do you really know about the man himself?

Let’s take a look at a few facts about this legend of hip hop.

1. His Real Name Is Insanely Cool

There is a good reason why pretty much every rapper that has ever lived has adopted a cool artist name. The reason for this is that you cannot really be a lean mean rapping machine with a name like Dennis Coles or Trevor Smith or Percy Miller or Aubrey Graham (do your googling). You could. But it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Snoop Dogg has a fantastic rap name, one of the best. But the weirdest thing is that he didn’t really need it. Why? Because his real name was already really, really cool.

So what’s the name Snoop was given at birth? Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. Yeah, that is Snoop’s real name. Calvin mf-ing Cordozar mf-ing Broadus. That’s just a great name, by any standards. Cordozar!

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