20 Lame Celebrity Tattoos


Celebrities love tattoos, and there are plenty of them out there with some cool ones. But there are also tons of celebrities with terrible ink. Whether it’s simply a cringe-worthy idea, or just a badly done tattoo, there are plenty examples of horrible celebrity ink.
Here are 20 celebrity tattoos that are incredibly lame, no matter how cool the celebrity might actually be.

1. Boy George

Boy George is getting more strange and eccentric the older he gets. Sure, he was kind of different when he was a pop star in the 80s. Not many people were cross-dressing back then when he started doing it. But as he has gotten older, he has gotten really into tattoos.

And not just tattoos, George is all about getting tattoos done on his head a face. He has the whole back of his head tatted up, which is fine, because no one sees it when he grows his hair out, and he is rarely rocking the bald look. However, once the tattoos started spreading to his face, people began to wonder what Mr. George was thinking.

He has a peace sign, a cross and several other images tattooed on one side of his face that make him look like an well-dressed inmate wearing eyeliner. Hopefully he’ll stop here and won’t cover his whole face in generic imagery.

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