Top 20 Strongest Celeb Couples


2. Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards

Most couples who meet on set enjoy a rather temporary fling before reality sets in and they go their separate ways. But not always. Julie and Blake met on set in 1969 and remained together until Blake died in 2010.

Once in a while, I felt that maybe I was a jinx for Blake and we shouldn’t work together … We’re way past that now. And it never really mattered, anyway, because the pleasure of doing a film with him far outweighs any other consideration.”

Julie attributed their success to the flexibility and trust in their relationship. They also said they didn’t believe in keeping things secret or holding grudges.

Julie and Blake were married in the garden of her Beverly Hills home on November 12, 1969. They had five children.

Their perfect love story ended after 41 years of marriage, when Blake died.

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