21 Real Life Celebrity Neighbors


When it comes to being a celebrity, the perks that go with fame are many – the fancy clothing, exotic vacations, and luxurious homes are just a few benefits worth mentioning. Of course, being neighbors with other prominent people is yet another cool thing to brag about, and there are a lot of celebs you know and love who are neighbors with other awesome celebrities.

Here are 21 celebrities who are (or were) real life neighbors:

1. Ellen, Portia and the Play Boy Mansion

Ellen DeGeneres is well-known for both her house-hopping and her established status as one of the nicest and funniest women in America. Reportedly, she laid down a whopping $40 million for her 9-bedroom mansion in the exclusive Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Sitting on an impressive 2.25 acres, the property was commissioned by philanthropists Sidney and Frances Lasker Brody in 1949 and renovated in 2010.

It’s [un]lucky Ellen is in such a committed and loving relationship with her wife Portia, seeing as her neighbor is none other than Hugh Hefner! And we all know just how many gorgeous girls Hugh has surrounded himself with. There’s more than enough eye-candy in there to suit everybody’s needs. In any case, it is certainly an interesting neighborhood!

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