5 Faces Of Kristen Stewart


A classic tale of how a young actress (Panic Room, Speak, Zathura) slowly climbs to the top has been cut short due to Kristens huge rise after the Twilight series.

She became immensely popular among the fans of the franchise and immediately started getting offers for roles that are more serious. With warped casting standards, where people are hired for roles based on their popularity and not skill, Kristen found herself in quite a pickle.

Scorned by the Internet community for her facial expressions, or lack thereof, she is slowly trying to fix this. We are here to give a helping hand to this young and talented actress:

1. Dude, I am so high now face

How difficult was it for you to immerse yourself in a role of a young teenage girl in love with a much older vampire while at the same time exploring other options and species?

Also, why do you think zombies were unjustly left out, I hear that they are starting a campaign on Kickstarter to make their own romantic movies?

Kristen: Yes.

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