13 Celebrities That Came Out In 2013


Whether you’re a man or a woman, black or white, it’s well within your rights to love who you choose. Join us in congratulating and embracing the following 6 celebrities that came out in 2013.

1. Wentworth Miller

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller decided to reveal that he was gay when he received an invitation to the St Petersburg International Film Festival. He politely declined their invitation and cited Russian anti-LGBT laws as his reason, saying as a gay man he simply couldn’t be in attendance.

When asked about his sexuality, he once even said, No, I`m not gay, I know these rumors are out there, I`m cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy, certain people are going to have certain fantasies, if someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each that`s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”

After that, he even explained what kind of women he prefers. Our guess is the guy just got confused. And these quotes are long before he went out, of course.

So, this is what he said about women: “I believe that confidence is the key to many things. One can talk about a sense of humor or style but the most attractive aspect of a woman is her confidence; that she feels comfortable in her own skin. Ideally, I would like to find a woman that understands what it is like to be with an actor without being an actress herself. I want a woman who keeps my feet on the ground and holds my hand while I am off going around in circles. Like somebody who works in the accounting department of a film company.

After coming out, Miller was elated when his peers and co-stars rallied in support of their friend. Good for you Wentworth!

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