15 Celebrity Couples That Are Just Plain Odd


At one time or another we all find ourselves attracted to someone that doesn’t quite seem like the right fit for us, and even though the pairing is odd, there’s just something about them that won’t let us be. The same seems to hold true for celebrities too, but don’t take our word for it; check out these six celebrity odd couples and you’ll see what we mean.

1. Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra

Even though they both denied it in the beginning, there was definitely some electricity going on between Cowell and Electra. And while the two later admitted they were seeing each other, the romance fizzled and the two parted ways.

Cowell has since moved on to hooking up with his best friend’s wife and knocking her up. Way to go, Simon!

The two started dating, after meeting on the set of Britain’s Got Talent, where she was introduced as a guest judge. They had a brief affair from December 2012 to February 2013. Apparently, the hot star caught the music mogul a compromising position with none other than Lauren Silverman!

The infamous affair with the famous music producer produced a child as well. The former Baywatch star was “shocked and livid” to discover the betrayal, but did not think much before leaving Simon, who had more important things to deal with, like explaining to his friend why his wife is carrying Simon’s baby.

Insiders claim Electra literally walked in on the couple in the X Factor mogul’s mansion in L.A. Simon tried to talk his way out of the situation by saying that Lauren is just a friend, but as it turned out, they were much more than that. In fact, Simon did the right thing eventually, and married the mother of his child, because she easily got a divorce from her now former husband, Andrew Silverman.

Electra, who was involved in this love triangle, kept her dignity and told the press she was happy for him, adding, “What I witnessed working with him on Britain’s Got Talent and coming to see him during X Factor is that the people he truly believes in, he stands up for them and supports them. So I obviously think that his child will be very well taken care of and very, very loved.”

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