15 Film Stars You Couldn’t Recognize In Films


2. Tim Curry: The Devil, Legend

This 1985′s fantasy classic legend sees comedian Tim Curry don red face paint and giant black horns to become the spine-chilling, unicorn killing devil. Nicknamed “The Cheshire Cat” for his recognizable grin and villainous laughter, he’s known for giving voice to two animated cats, voicing “Prince” in Garfield 2 (2006) and “The Cat King” in The Cat Returns (2002).

Curry’s memorable villain roles are portrayed as classy, sophisticated characters, with the addition of his recognizable smooth baritone voice. Some of his villain roles include an evil clown in Stephen King’s miniseries It (1990), and was the second choice for the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). Maybe his most significant appearance was the leading act in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

Curry’s performance in Ridley Scott’s ‘80s fantasy was very lively, and because of his peculiar and recognizable voice and devilish appeal, his impersonation of the red horned villain, and the Lord of Darkness would not be as successful. Perhaps, Curry played the most recognizable impersonation of Satan on the big screen, fun, and highly memorable.

He sure has deserved the role of the most sophisticated villain. Trivia on the movie claims making of the mask took 6.5 hours. It also took an hour and a half to take off the makeup. Ridley Scott asked Bob Bottin to create the mask, as he was already known for making the special makeup effects for The Howling, Blade Runner, and The Thing.

Curry’s mask consisted of a large, horned head with three foot horns, that extended forward. Reportedly, the mask was highly claustrophobic and Curry got hurt one time trying to pull it off, causing him to tear his skin. Even though he’s been known for complete transformation as the above mentioned clown Pennywise in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s It in 1990, his complete transformation in Legend remains his best work.

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