6 Movies That Will Dominate The 2014 Oscars


Yes, it’s  that time of the year and the Oscar nominations have been announced, although we already kinda figured what movies are going to be nominated.

The thing that has become quite obvious is that there are basically five or six movies that are going to win all the awards and the rest of them are there just for show.

There are tearjerkers and there are oscarjerkers, and these six movies are definitely the latter, plus a bonus movie that they conveniently “forgot”:

1. Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks is really having problems staying safe at sea. After that Cast Away disaster, he let himself get kidnapped this time.

Based on a true story, Captain Phillips has been nominated for Best Picture, Actor in a supporting role, Film editing, sound editing, sound mixing (really valuable categories) and writing.

If you liked Captain Phillips or just want to know more about this sort of thing check out Kapringen (2013), a much cooler Danish movie with the same subject.

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