6 Very Successful Actors You Don’t Know About


You may find it difficult to believe that some of the most successful movie actors are people you barely ever hear about.

We all know about Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Leonardo di Caprio, but there’s a whole world of actors and actresses out there that quietly go about their business. They make movies and earn millions, yet they’re still able to walk down the street without sending Twitter into meltdown. You may recognize their voices; some of the faces may even look vaguely familiar, but what about their names?

1. Frank Welker

Who? Yes, see what we mean? Frank Welker’s movies have actually grossed more than anybody else’s movies for the last 30 years or so – but hardly anybody knows who he is. How does he do it? Frank is the “king of the voice-over”. His voice is behind many of the most famous movies of late – both Scooby and Fred in Scooby Doo – he’s also had major multiple parts in Transformers and Smurfs.

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