20 Celebrities Who Physically Share The Fame With Their Twins


12. Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith is a beautiful and popular actress who has appeared in several movies and television shows, including “Why Did I Get Married?”, “ATL”, “Couples Retreat”, ”The Longshots”, “For Better or Worse”, “Meet the Browns”, and “The Corner”.

This beautiful American actress has a less famous identical twin sister Sidra Smith. Sidra is also in the entertainment industry and has produced, directed and cast television programs as well as movies.These ladies look well, dress well, and if it weren’t for their drastically different hairstyles and life style, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

What’s even more interesting is that very few people even know they were twins. It was aglobal surprise when “For Better of Worse” star actress Tasha posted a picture with her sister, rocking the Amber Rose cut.

It was supposed to be a joke on the world, and Tasha captioned the picture with: Me and my twin sister on set of For Better Or Worse, we punked everyone, do we look alike?

Tasha and Sidra were born in Camden, New Jersey, and were raised by a single mother.

Tasha who used to be an atheist, is a devoted Christian now. In an interview she gave to EURweb.com, she talked about her transition from atheism to Christianity, saying: “When I was 25 I had an encounter with God because my father had gotten sick. I had a time where I really challenged God, like, if you’re really God you’ll show me such-and-such’.

I was going through this whole thing where I questioned whether God was real or not. I really needed God to be real because I was feeling so depressed and so unhappy, I felt like if there isn’t a God [then] I have no reason to live. It was just a bad time in my life and God really showed up and met me where I was.”

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