20 Celebrities Who Physically Share The Fame With Their Twins


14. Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers, fabulous TV star and fashion model, has an equally fabulous but much less famous twin brother Jason.

Justin is an American actor and Ex-fashion model, best known for his portrayal of Dr. Alex Karev in the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy.

Jason is an American actor and mixed martial artist. He is best known for his role as the host of the popular weekly television program called Human Weapon on The History Channel. He has appeared in numerous television programs and was featured on Extra as one of “America’ Most Eligible” bachelors. Jason is actively involved with City of Hope National Medical Center, a Cancer Research institute, where he was recently appointed to the board of directors.He and his fraternal twin brother visited hospitals often as children due to frequent health problems with pneumonia.

In 1993, he married Keisha, a former model agency booker. They have five children together: Isabella (b. December 1994), twins Maya and Kaila (b. June 1997), Eva (b. March 1999) and Jackson (b. January 2002).

His wife and children have recently moved from their home in a suburb just outside of New York City to Los Angeles. In 2008, Justin admitted that he suffered from a biological sleep disorder that caused him many other problems in life and career. He checked himself into Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center to treat exhaustion due to the sleep disorder after a long period of getting only two hours of sleep weekly.

Jason is now a JeetKune Do concepts instructor and has a brown belt in 10th planet jiu-jitsu under Eddie Bravo.

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