6 Crossfit Loving Celebrities


First of all, what is Crossfit and why should I care which celebrities love it?

Crossfit is a combination of different techniques that strengthens the body and clears the mind. With over 7000 gyms all around United States and thousands and thousands of happy customers who swear that this is the next big thing, Crossfit really seems to be it.

So check out who’s an early bird with this when it comes to celebrities.

1. Brad Pitt

You didn’t think he was born like that did you? Brad takes his body seriously, particularly when he’s preparing for some of his more kick ass roles and Crossfit fits in perfectly with his busy lifestyle. He’s got six kids, a fast action career and a celebrity partner to take care of leaving him not much time for workouts. Luckily the short, intense flavour of Crossfit suits him just fine.

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