21 Celebrities Who Lost Major Weight


Being in shape can be hard, especially when diet and exercise is something new. Everyone can change their body and health with enough determination though.

These 8 celebrities show how eating smart and sweating in the gym can really work.

1. Drew Carey

The comedian and TV show host burned over 80 pounds by cutting out carbs and getting plenty of exercise. He says he no longer has to take diabetes medication.

In 1985, he began his comedy career and the following year, after winning an open-microphone contest, he became Master of Ceremonies at the Cleveland Comedy Club.

His career took off as he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in November 1991.His performance that night impressed Carson, who invited Carey to the couch next to his desk.

Encouraged by his success as a stand-up comic, he decided to venture into acting. His first roles were in television series like The Good Life, and Someone Like Me.

His next project was The Drew Carey Show, a sitcom that revolved around a fictionalized version of Carey, as he took on the stresses of life and work with his group of childhood friends. The show premiered on September 13, 1995 on ABC and it was well received by both the critics and the audiences around the world.

Carey initially earned $60,000 per episode in the first seasons, then renegotiated for $300,000 and finally, by the final season, he was earning $750,000 per episode.

Carey announced on Late Show with David Letterman that he would succeed Bob Barker as host of The Price Is Right beginning in the fall of 2007.

He can sometimes be seen on the sidelines of U.S. National Team soccer games as a press photographer.


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