8 Reasons James Franco Is The Weirdest Guy In Hollywood


Charming…check. Talented… check. Weird as hell… check. If there was an Oscar for being a great big weirdo, James Franco would win one.

Besides being an awesome actor he’s also a director, screenwriter, producer, teacher and author.

Quite a list, you’ll have to admit, but it gets even better with his zany lifestyle that made us fall in love with this Hollywood actor. It’s such a rarity to see a true actor, who decided to remain normal and down to earth despite the things that are happening around him.

1. He was Alien in Spring Breakers

‘Nuff said.

But seriously, James started a campaign with only one goal set: get an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

But seriously, the campaign is not real, although it has the potential to go viral, but on the other hand, Franco’s Oscar nomination was real.

He was nominated back 2011 for his role in 127 Hours, proving that he is capable of much more than what was expected of him.

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