20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Married Each Other


In today’s world of social media and tweeting about everything from life changes . . . to what cereal you had for breakfast – it’s safe to say we don’t keep many secrets these days.

Maybe that’s why these pairings still come as such a surprise. Did you know about any of these 20 secret pairings?

1. Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet

Talk about the odd couple . . . the original Cosby kid, Lisa Bonet, and badass Game of Thrones star, Jason Momoa, tied the knot in 2007.

Jason’s official bio on IMDB reads that he was born as Jason Namakaeha Momoa in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 1st, 1979. He was raised in Norwalk, Iowa, by a single mother. After finishing high school we moved to Hawaii for his first lead role in TV series Baywatch (1989).

After the show ended, he was traveling around the world for the next couple of years. In 2001, he finally moved to Los Angeles where he continued with his acting career.

He now owns a production company, Pride of Gypsies, where he expanded his acting career to become a filmmaker. He has directed several short films and is working on his debut film Road to Paloma. It is pulled from stories he’s been working on over the years under the name Brown Bag Diaries: Ridin’ the Blinds in B Minor.

Lisa was born in San Francisco, but has lived in New York and Los Angeles most of her life. She’s the child of Jewish mother and a black father who was a music teacher. She began her acting career in commercials when she was 11. At the age of 16, she became popular as Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show (1984). She’s the ex-wife of Lenny Cravitz.

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  • [email protected]

    Like who cares!

    • Bama

      Like, why did you read it?

    • schelly

      hello my name is schelly i want my soul mate like you

  • Bored

    I don’t sleep nights worrying about celebrities and their marriages. Yes, this is sarcasm.


      I have known Lisa only via a community support she wanted me to donate to for one year and others even helping her freely building and she was really nice when she wanted all to make her look good and help her FREELY FOR ONE YEAR, but the second she was asked anything she would turn on people- her two face stuff includes her violating others of anything you can imagine in a world based on who likes who. Lilakoi as she likes to be called does not even know the capital of AFRICA as my architect close friend Robert told me when he asked her, as she dropped out of school at a very young age, and only had tutors. She does not speak any other languages, does not have any talents in music instruments to dance and really has NO talent but she has been riding on her CONNECTIONS to top celebs from PARTIES and that is how hollywood works…if you are in the scene, you are in and share all including wives and husbands and all….it is a sex sharing fun game that only a few are invited and the rest are getting death threats or hits placed on em so be cool as if you piss of Lisa, she can have you killed…she is good at violating Perjury in courts and busting up families and destroying the good professionals who paid their dues…she is not real and pretends to be a spiritual sister but it is a big hype to be popular and adored….she really is just another person seeking to be adored and worshipped on a pedastol in LA and her husband will end up like her, self absorbed and after sharing as much sex of hot women as the two of them can get and then building a fan club out of it…he has a lot of talent and she however is really not one I would say is talented…she is just with a huge ego. She is lucky as hell as she gets the most GORGEOUS european women begging to be in her lair now that Jason is there…so since I could say, it …CRIMES pay as she gets away with anything and is smart enough to not NEED an education…who cares when you got friends in high places.

      • horomnizon

        Africa is a continent, not a country therefore there is no capital. So obviously your close friend is just as dumb for asking her such a question.

        • amd02148

          Lisa Bonet has traveled extensively. She has been to Africa. She knows it’s not a country Artiste is a liar. He is the one who left school early.

      • dk002

        Wow is all I can say to your comment.

        • Kevin Woods

          I could say something else to it…..but why?

        • you know me

          ….to provide for, perhaps the enlightenment of those readers who, skimming the pages and finding this, does then need to have a pat on the bottom to get them going again, in the right direction.

        • mysticalpippin

          Ha ha wished I seen your comment earlier cause I gave that lowlife a piece of my mind. What a sick individual.

      • Jonathan Reede

        If you seriously believe there is a capital for the CONTINENT of Africa… you AND your close architect friend Robert both, need to return to school IMMEDIATELY. Get a real education. – Here’s a clue: The continent of Africa is the homeland of approximately 50 separate countries /nations… each with their own different capitals, such as: Luanda, Angola; Porto Novo, Benin; N’djamena, Chad; etc. Conclusion: Ignorant people should avoid pointing out the supposed “lack of education” in others. – Good day.

        • nan

          Amen. Preach it, ignorant people will never believe it, so its not worth even trying ;-)

      • Monika Woods

        I am going to overlook most of this rant and I believe you must have been high on something when you wrote it! Be forgiving people! LOL

      • Elise

        So what’s the capital of the United States and is the US a capital too?

        • whatabouthungry

          I thought Europe is a country? Is France a country? Hungry??? I’ve heard of Turkey, but — hungry?

        • you know me


        • funny guy

          It’s Hungary… and Europe is a continent also..

        • Frank

          Google — “Country” — then Google ” Continent” and try to see if you can understand the difference.

      • tammy


      • Gryf19

        it kinda LOOK like THIS is some KIND of code. DON’T know if it MATTER though

      • monday

        Africa is a continent so there is no capital I’m 13 but I lwarned this in 2nd grade . How smart are you and your friend again?

      • Christina Simuel

        @Artiste Warrior Your Rant Is The Most Ridiculous Bullshit Ive Ever Wasted My Time With And This Makes Absolutely Nooooo Sense!!! SMDH!!! Your An Uneducated Miserable Human Being!

      • mysticalpippin

        You’re an idiot with NO CLASS. What the hell are you talking about with “HELPING HER FREELY FOR ONE YEAR” help her with WHAT for a year? You WISH you helped her. And what does knowing her via community support supposed to mean? You’re talking out of your ass and not making sense. How do you know someone via community support unless that person helped YOU?

        What a buffoon!! AFRICA doesn’t have a capital moron. Its a continent not a state or a province – you and your dumb friend need to Grow a Brain.

        btw Architects are required to have 5 years of school. I find it laughable that someone with higher learning would think there’s a capital of AFRICA. If you insist on lying you should really make it at least SOUND credible. If you’re friend is an architect than I’m the mother of Jesus.

        Furthermore what you’re saying is SLANDEROUS AND LIBEL and you better watch your mouth. You can be sued for speaking lies about a person in a public forum. You better hope you have proof of Lisa’s ability to have someone killed, the sex parties and busting up families oh and the sex fan club. If you get sued you will have to produce the proof of ALL those PUBLIC slanderous accusations you made about her in court. I hope you do get sued. Then you’ll learn to keep your trap shut when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I think I’ll make it a point to bring all your libelous accusations you stated to someone’s attention.

        btw you cannot “Violate perjury in courts” there is no such thing as violating perjury. You either violate someone or something or you perjure yourself. If you had HALF a brain you might know that. I suggest you look up the definitions before you make a bigger fool of yourself. Everyone probably laughs at you the minute you leave the room. Can you hear laughter? hmm? Is that why you’re so bitter?

        You have sexual issues too don’t you? you went on and one about sex sharing and sex parties that only “a few” are invited to. REALLY? And where and who pray tell holds these parties? hmm? I’ll tell you who they’re held in the imagination of some pervert who calls himself the Warrior of L.U.V. Ewwww….gag me with a tree trunk even your username screams of your sexual issues. You’re sick – get help before the white jackets come for you.

  • ricky and judy

    I don’t even know who they are.

  • ricky and judy

    ok divorced!!!!!

  • ricky and judy

    another divorced couple!!!!!!

  • ricky and judy

    he’s been divorced once since her!!!! REALLY

  • Kanni Bassativa

    They are both so TOASTED!!! XLNT!!

  • Melanie

    Well if my hubby lost 1/3 of his tongue through drug use, I would get a divorce too…no doubt. A man is no good without a good working tongue! lol

    • Colin Sick

      ya well, a womans shelf life is at 27-34 yrs old. then it’s on to something more tighter

      • collinsfriend

        apparently you’ve met the wrong women

        • Erik Baran

          Sorry, when I see old women I’m reminded of my mom and my aunts. Not much of a turn on.

        • RickD

          Then these women are the lucky ones and you are a loser.

        • Erik Baran

          lol I’m a loser because I’m not turned on by my mom and aunts? You’re a sicko!

        • RickD

          No, you are a loser for far more important reasons.

      • Frank

        If tighter is what you need — consider the thickness of the tool.

      • xavric

        If you think every women over 34 is ‘out of miracle whip’, maybe the size of the jar isn’t the problem ……. Maybe you need a bigger spoon.

        • Lucille

          lol ah ha ha omg too funny

    • Holden McGroyne

      And to counter that, if a woman I was with lost a good portion of tongue I WOULD marry her as it would mean that she would probably talk less and if that ain’t a plus I don’t know what is.


  • Valy Ci

    don’t get it, what Momoa thinks? she’s so old like dirt, ugly too

  • $34742002

    i enjoy not being famous…..

  • james thompson

    Mimi Rogers picture doesn’t show her beard !!!!

  • placitaspoison

    umm….none of these are shockers

  • ed57

    Madonna should have never given up Penn. Kind of reminds me of Sher kicking Sonny out. Both were big mistakes by spoiled women

    • Karen Milton

      Sean Penn hit her in the head with a baseball bat, among other violent episodes. I’d hardly call that ‘spoiled’.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      Sonny was sleeping with anything in a skirt. Not putting up with that was hardly being “spoiled”.

    • [email protected]

      Cher said that she was the one doing most of the sleeping around because she claimed that all Sonny wanted to do was put her to work.

      • Lynelle Hullsiek

        Either way…I don’t blame her.

    • Lynelle Hullsiek

      He was a violent piece of filth.

  • opalka10

    I’ll tell you an odd couple who I didn’t know were married until a couple of years ago….Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin) and Allison Kraus. How’d that ever happen??

    • Walter Edvalson

      First of all get your rumors correct. Allison Kraus and Robert Plant did an album together and did some shows, but they haven’t even dated. The rumor is that singer Patty Griffin and Robert Plant got married in 2011, but it was started by Robert when a newswriter wouldn’t stop asking about his relationship with Patty, so Robert finally said, “He went to Texas and eloped.” He didn’t say he married Patty Griffin, but since they live together in Texas, it started a rumor. Plants agent said recently they are not married, but they are living together … google it. HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA

  • sfinsf

    You certainly do use the term “celebrity” VERY loosely. If someone was featured in a TV commercial 14 years ago, I assume that in your world, that makes them a “celebrity”?

    • boom

      you make no sense right now

  • jreeders

    Some are famous. Most are has beens and or of hairline fame. Tom Green??? His only claim to fame was he married Drew Barrymore. Otherwise he is just another comedian who happens NOT to be funny.

    • Jreeders_sucks

      Fuck you.
      Tom green has more talent in his one remaining nut than jreeders that dumb fuck

    • Kristina Smead Stupalski

      Just cuz u dont find tom green funny doesnt mean other ppl dont he obviously had a pretty good career if u say his name and 9 out of 10 ppl know who u r talking about like the jackass guys it is society that makes these ppl famous unlike the ones who r famous because they r born in to it they found things ppl enjoyed and built something around it which takes more then just being funny or stupid

  • Ryan

    im so tired of people saying drew Barrymore is beautiful, there are hotter girls working at cell phone kiosks inside every mall in the united states

    • Cynthia S

      Beauty comes in many forms. There’s not just one version. I think she’s beautiful.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      And your opinion on beauty is not the only one in the world. Thank goodness.

    • bobs

      Actually she’s not beautiful but she seems to have a great and caring personality. And is very funny and has a pretty good looking body. So as far as I’m concerned; She’s beautiful.

  • surly

    helen hunt and hank azaria were together for years!

  • Deb Richter

    I thought everyone knew about this one!!!

  • Deb Richter

    Totally knew about this one…

  • Wallace Ordoyne

    Who cares -2. We were tricked. Why did you read our comments?

  • Native

    It’s more like Nine “celebrities” I didn’t know where celebrities.

  • Brilliance

    Did not age well. Good lord….

  • Lorrie Smith

    Mario should have considered NOT cheating on Ali during their honeymoon if he wanted his marriage to last a little longer. Kim Skankdashian holds the record now.
    She wanted a wedding and a ring. Not a marriage.

  • Rj Ransomed

    So sorry Colin…with the 3rd grade (more tighter) education…! Women can always firm up…men just go limp, so if they are dimwitted, broke and limp…eh…NEXT!! I suspect you are wellllllll…. beyond your usefulness….sick

    • KenBob

      You’re a mean elf, aren’t you?

    • Lisa Uribe

      lol Well said Rj Ransomed! I agree! Colin Sick can probably last at least. . .a second, before going limp! hahahahahahahahha

  • Christen Woodruff

    Everyone knew about Drew and Tom, their crazy marriage issues were all over TV

  • Ana

    Stay true to your heart,and never let go of what Jehovah bless you with.

  • George Hilman

    I could get over Sean Penn with a station wagon.

  • RLL

    You must not know about these people because you weren’t paying attention.

  • Sophia

    Mario Lopez and Ali L….. didn’t he fook a stripper at his bachelor party and she only found out the day AFTER they got married. CLASSY Mario

    • DonDong

      Must’ve been a Chippendale.

  • PawzUp

    EVH is so much healthier and happier with Janie. Thank god those two got divorced it took long enough.

  • Asya

    hahaha “aka the creepy guy from LOST”

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    “You” who? “You” had to have been living under a rock to not know about these.

  • jfg82

    I’m disappointed R.Kelly and Aaliyah didn’t make the list

  • tevra

    this is damn lame – the real celebs everyone knew about, but then there are guys like the creepy one from Lost? who give a flying F*** about that loser

  • diegueno

    Only the first two couples are news to me.

  • javaridge

    None were shocks, but what about Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts? I think it goes in that category.

  • Shaliala Montgomery

    I knew about 3 of the couples.

  • Monika Woods

    Tom is short. And creepy.

  • Don J Krouskop

    Much as I hate gossip, it might be worth noting why Ali Landry and Mario Lopez were divorced so quickly – Lopez cheated on her the night before the wedding. You have to wonder about a guy who wins the lottery but just can’t resist going to Vegas the night before collecting the jackpot.

  • LaurieMann

    Hank Azaria and Helen Hunt were together for a very long time before they got married/divorced. None of these are surprises.

  • Nicole Kim Phillips

    If there was a type that we could picture her with it would not be him. I guess it is all so wrong to base our choices on her TV character but we do.

  • semus

    Who cares but Hunt and Azaria lived together for quite a while before they married much longer than the time they were married I believe.

  • R.J. MacReady

    yeah I have no clue who the people on number 2 are, I figured they were just some reality tv losers

  • Um ya real shockers…. Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova is a shocker and thats even old news.

  • Tani Ireland

    Hmmmm…….most people know about all of these! No secret!

  • Lisa Uribe

    lol NOOOOO Apparently Colin Sick IS really sick lol AND he has to grow up, too! Colin’s an idiot!

    • Lucille

      or maybe he has a small dinky in which case no one will ever be tight enough

      • vibez

        Yeah your the mature one (sarc)

  • kg

    Azaria and Hunt’s marriage only lasted a year… but they were together for five years prior. They were together when she won her Oscar.

  • Reggie1971

    I’m pretty sure most people knew that EVH & Valerie Bertinellit were married. If you are older than 35 you would almost certainly know.

    • Amanda

      Hell, I’m 24 and I knew about that one.

  • Kanye

    Lol… This is what has-beens do to stay in the news. Congrats to you for helping them. A bunch dope self-indulgent a-holes who hook up to get some press. And you see fit to promote it. Ugh!

  • Malcom

    and all these hollywood liberals want to marry a black guy in D.C. pfft. the one they worship as a god over them

  • QuidProQuo

    I didn’t know Mimi Rogers had a penis!

  • Russasaurus

    I hate that guy

  • Russasaurus

    I call Calista Flockhart “Bones McGee”

  • JojoXray

    These people are celebrities? Haven’t heard of most of them.

  • sharokh

    wait, where are the celebrities?

  • John Marz

    that’s not a record…Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine is a record….

  • Jerry

    Bad ass Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra (Sinsinnati kid) in Vegas. Its the ultimate “Slam bang Thank you ma’am”. Anyone how long that marriage last, I think the 2nd time, they got married beat their own first time record.

  • lillie

    why is Lisa Bonet and Jason “odd”?????????

  • CM

    Harry and Calista have the same crooked smile.

  • kikojones

    Also, not only were Cruise and Rogers married, she got him into Scientology.

  • NoGuff

    Wow, who didn’t know about Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie van Halen? You’d have to have been living under a rock all these years.

  • Teri Fox

    The ones where I knew who they were, I already knew, not a big secret. The others I have never hear of before, so it makes since I didn’t know they were married.

  • mponjoli malakasuka

    I don’t sleep nights worrying about celebrities and their marriages. this is sarcasm.

  • Samantha Brown

    Hank Azaria and Helen Hunt were a couple for YEARS. They finally decided to tie the knot, only for it all to fall apart a year later.

    • portobellogal

      Because she found out he was in the infamous “grotto” with a playmate at the playboy mansion. True story!

  • Ton_Chrysoprase

    Married? I didn’t know 90% of them even existed!

  • Lynelle Hullsiek

    The only one I didn’t know about (among ppl I’ve hear of) was Azaria/Hunt. That cracked me up – Jamie left Paul for the dog walker. I love it. ;-)

  • Theyn Smith

    damn. aaron paul

  • GetReal

    Madonna never got over Sean, eh? I heard he tied her to a chair and abused her. That is supposedly one reason their marriage ended.

  • Harlee Jo

    Helen and Hank still make me giggle. Dated for like 7 years, got married and were divorced after one year…..if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it.

  • Robert Caille

    isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.

  • jose


  • jenneva

    for a third of these, I said…WHO?
    and my fingers are numb from scrolling…..
    tell me..who LIKES this method of reading…