Adam Sandler And Bob Barker Go At It Again


Adam Sandler is just one of many celebrities that got involved in Night Of Too Many Stars, a charity project set up to help support programs, schools and services for people who suffer from autism. He brought Bob Barker with him and the two of them continued a brawl they started in the 1990s Sandler movie Happy Gilmore.

The skit starts with Sandler trying to patch things up with Bob, but things don’t go as planned and the two end up having an even crazier fight than the one in the movie; with a prosthetic leg being used as a blunt object, David Spade burn and an Ebola joke. Of course, the skit features a number of cameos that take the whole thing to another level.

The Night Of Too Many Stars features performances from such comedians, actors and musicians like Steve Buscemi, Louis C. K., Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Paul Rudd, Chris Rock, Eddie Brill and Weird Al Yankovic.

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