Adele Twerking Is Everything You Thought It Would Be


There’s a long list of things you really don’t expect to see when you go to an Adele concert (stage diving, UFOs and Abraham Lincoln, to name just a few), but it seems that the English celebrity singer is hell-bent on being the most awesome and goofy performer out there.

During her recent concert in the O2 Arena in London, she did the unbelievable – she tried twerking onstage. Adele was never one to take herself too seriously, and she attempted to shake her rear onstage between two songs, with admittedly mixed results. She said:

I think I just twerked!

She went on to say that she probably couldn’t twerk that well, explaining that if she were to seriously twerk in her floor-length ball gown, her whole body would have to move. She added:

My bum could break my back it’s so enormous!

We give her 10 points for the joke and an additional 10 points for being so positive about herself and her body. Good job Adele! Check out the video below:

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