Afroman Punches The Lights Out Of A Girl


You go to the Mardi Gras in Biloxi, Mississippi; you put on your best plaid suit, you hang a few beads around your neck and you do your set, complete with a blistering solo. And then someone creeps up behind you and starts grinding against your leg and back. So what do you do? You deck them!

Or at least that is what Afroman did it at his performance at the Mardi Gras show of his. A particularly excited female fan climbed onto the stage and Afroman did his best ninja impersonation, decking the poor girl and knocking her off her feet.

The musician was then put under citizen arrest and taken to the Biloxi police station. He was very cooperative according to the Biloxi police chief who said that Afroman, “gave (them) no problem whatsoever.”

The musician later paid $330 to get out on bail.

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