Anne Hathaway Denies She Refused To Shake Hands With Argentinian Journalist Over Ebola Fear


Anne Hathaway has denied claims she refused to shake hands with an Argentinian journalist over fears she might catch Ebola.  The actress said that she didn’t want to shake hands with him because she had a cold. 

Argentinian reporter Alexis Puig travelled from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles to interview Hathaway and her co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain at the premiere of their sci-fi movie Interstellar.

Puig said that everyone shook his hand after he interviewed them, except for Hathaway.  The displeased journalist took to Twitter to say what had happened.

Anne Hathaway didn’t shake my hand because she was she was afraid of ebola #I’mAThirdWorldJournalist.

Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain were great in the interviews [and none of them denied me their hands]. Take that Anne!

Hathaway’s rep dismissed the claims that Anne was worried she would catch Ebola.

That is nonsense — she wasn’t shaking anyone’s hands because she was coming down with a cold and didn’t want to get anyone sick.

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