Are Snapchat Developers Racist?


To celebrate 4/20, which is an unofficial weed-themed holiday, Snapchat developers came up with what will most certainly go down in history as one of the worst marketing stunts ever.

Namely, the popular media-sharing app introduced a Bob Marley filter yesterday, expecting that their marijuana-loving users will be thrilled to change their face to that of the most famous reggae musician of all times.

However, what they hoped users would perceive as paying tribute to the legend actually enabled people to apply Blackface to their photos. Expectedly, the new filter was immediately met with criticism, with folks arguing that changing eye and nose shape, as well as darkening skin color, is highly offensive.

And that’s not all. Snapchat is also being accused of belittling the renowned musician by ignoring his art and focusing on his cannabis use, which was a major part of his life, but definitely not the most important thing to remember him by.

Expectedly, Snapchat is defending their poor decision, stating that the filter was developed with the Bob Marley Estate and that they had no intention of offending anyone.

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