Angus T. Jones Takes Aim At Two And A Half Men Again


Angus T. Jones didn’t miss a chance to attack his former sitcom Two and a Half Men, again! This time Angus revealed he had difficulties being in the show because it became popular because of “topics in our world that are really problems for a lot of people.”

Last year, the former star called the sitcom “filthy” and made a video for a religious group, insisting fans to stop watching it; which made quite an impact on producer and creator Chuck Lorre.

He later apologized, but was axed as a regular on the show.

However, the religious actor said to Texas TV network KHOU that he “was a paid hypocrite,” taking aim at the sitcom again.

His interview was part of his trip to the World Harvest Outreach Church in Houston where he held speeches about his faith as a Seventh Day Adventist.

In addition, he admitted feeling bad for criticizing director Lorre, saying I just totally insulted his baby and, to that degree, I am apologetic, but otherwise I don’t regret saying what I said”.

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