Banksy Called Justin Bieber’s Tattoo Controversial


Justin Bieber has added a new tattoo to his inked-body collection. His newest image is a famous artwork by street artist Banksy. On the other hand, we’re not sure whether Banksy’s happy about his graffiti art on Bieber’s body.

Actually we are sure; he’s not impressed.

The picture and tattoo called Balloon Girl depicts a girl reaching for a drifting-away balloon in the shape of heart. It appeared on a wall in East London in 2002 and became famous ever since.

Bieber got the tattoo on Thursday, at his recording studio, but Banksy’s not impressed with his forearm decoration.

Banksy titled a picture of Bieber’s tattooing on his Instagram page, captioned “controversial.” However, Bieber’s tattoo artist replied, “We weren’t after a carbon copy rip off. More subtle imagery.”

However, while Banksy wasn’t in the mood for a long comment, several fans didn’t miss a chance to express their opinion. Fan Tara Anderson wrote, “The balloon is slowly floating away just like his musical career…” while another fan added, “’The fall of Banksy has just begun.


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