Baywatch Star Jeremy Jackson Gets All Stabby


Most of us know Jeremy Jackson as Hobie from Baywatch (Buchannon’s son), mostly because he did pretty much nothing after that. Sure, he did his share of reality and talent shows that are obligatory for 90s has-beens, but that’s about that. These days, he seems to be making a career out of randomly stabbing people around LA.

The latest stabbing incident involving Jeremy (he also stabbed a man back in April) dates back to August when he, reportedly, tried to steal a car but was caught in the act by the girlfriend of the car’s owner. They got into an altercation, Jeremy pulled out a knife and went on one of his (by now) trademark stabbing sprees.

He has now been charged with assault with lethal weapon and criminal threats. If he gets convicted, he’s looking at up to 7 years in jail. We don’t fret for him as he has already shown great talent for the most important prison skill.

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