Ben Affleck Refused To Wear Yankees Hat In Gone Girl


When talking about filming the brilliant new David Fincher movie Gone Girl, Ben Affleck said that the relationship between him and Fincher was great. However, he said that there was one disagreement between the two that both of them took very seriously.

Namely, Affleck was supposed to put a cap on in one scene, and since the movie takes place in New York, it was only natural that it would be a Yankees hat.

Affleck is one of the most visible celebrity fans of the Boston Red Sox and refused to do so. He told Fincher that if he had to wear a Yankees hat in a movie, he would never hear the end of it. But Fincher continued to insist on it. In the end, Affleck offered to wear a Mets hat. It might not have been ideal either, but it was a solution that both he and Fincher could agree on.

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