Beyoncé Classes Only $199


When you are a parent of a star in the making, you definitely need to make sacrifices. Pretty much all of the stars of today had great support from their family and Beyoncé is no different.

However, once your child becomes this global star, you are pretty much done. They send you a check every now and you can give up on the rat race of life. Or, you can do what Beyoncé’s dad is doing and try to cash in on your child’s success.

Namely, Beyoncé’s dad Matthew is giving classes about becoming a star and the weirdest thing is that his boot camp lasts literally a day. For $199 ($299 if you want the VIP treatment), you get to learn the showbiz ropes from him and some of his friends from the industry (Beyoncé excluded, of course).

In short, if you are a budding young artist and you have two C-notes to waste, head on out to Houston on October 24th and watch your money go down the drain.

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