Beyonce Puts An End To Divorce Rumors

Since Page Six published a story that Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting a divorce, the Web went berserk with rumors about the fabulous couple’s marital problems.

Firstly a source told The Post that only ‘divine intervention’ could save their relationship and that they would separate immediately after the tour.

Things got even worse when Beyonce was spotted checking out an apartment in New York City alone.

Finally, Beyonce’s sister Solange lashed out against Jay-Z in a video and rumors leaked that she attacked him because he was having an affair with Rihanna.

Well, the Internet can apparently calm down since the lovely Beyonce posted an Instagram on August 9 that quashes all those above-mentioned rumors.

Namely, the singer posted a picture of herself wearing only a football jersey with Carter’s name on the back. Hopefully, this puts an end to stories about their problems and separation since the American diva looks quite happy.

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