Bieber Sits Down For A Talk With A Stranger


Sometimes you hear about a piece of celeb news that seems like something right out of a movie and the last example of this involves Justin Bieber sitting down for a chat with a random person and engaging in a genuine and quite revealing conversation.

The person in question is Mike Maedke who was hiking with his wife at Runyon Canyon. He noticed that Bieber was passing them and recognizing the famous pop-star he asked cordially, “Hey Biebs, what’s up?”

To his surprise, Biebs was more than glad to be able to talk to someone. The two of them sat down on a bench overlooking LA and the famous star bared his soul to this perfect stranger. He talked about feeling homesick for Canada and he shared his anxiety about LA, saying, “It’s so chaotic down there.”

The conversation lasted for about 20 minutes before the obligatory and inevitable screaming girls came running and screaming for Bieber, putting an end to a weird encounter.

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