Bieber’s Buddy Lil Twist Charged With Half A Dozen Felonies


It’s just incredible just how much trouble Justin Bieber and his buddies can get in despite being pint-sized little screechers. And while Biebs and the rest of them mostly get in trouble with the media and other celebs, Lil Twist actually managed to get the law involved in a big way.

Namely, Lil Twist, an occasional rapper more famous for being one of Bieber’s buddies, is being charged with 6 felony counts for breaking into Kyle Massey’s home, stealing a bunch of stuff and beating up on people present.

More precisely, Lil Twist is being charged with burglary, grand theft, criminal thefts, battery and two counts of assault with deadly weapon.

In case you forgot, all of this took place last November when Twist and his friends were thrown out of Kyle’s apartment, only to come back and go crazy on Kyle’s brother Chris.

If convicted on all counts, Lil Twist is looking at 25 years.

All I Wanted Was Some Chips!

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