Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki Talks Upcoming Episodes


Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki has shared some of the spicy details regarding the show’s eight season, which starts on Monday (it will be aired on Mondays for the first five weeks).

One of the most important issues in the series will be Leonard and Penny’s exciting new life as an engaged couple. Apart from having a fiancé, Penny starts pursuing a career as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

“Part of her new job is going to be a lot of flirting, and that’s going to threaten him. People who are older and more successful than he is will fall for her, and Penny and Leonard are going to have to find a really profound strength to survive that.”

Galecki says that we shouldn’t be expecting a wedding anytime soon.

“It’s important to Penny to prove to her mother that she’s not pregnant!”

Galecki, Parsons, and Cuoco-Sweeting are now earning $1 million per episode, but the series could come to an end in a few seasons’ time.

“I can’t imagine ever feeling done with these people on that stage, and I don’t feel like we’ve hit the halfway mark of the stories that we could tell with our characters. That said, I’m sure we have, and we’re probably not going to go 16 seasons! [Laughs] You’ve always got to understand when it’s time to get up from the dinner table and go home.”

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