Blac Chyna Claims Foul Play After Drug Arrest


Blac Chyna will admit when she is wrong. She admits that she was drunk when she was arrested in the Austin International Airport. But she says that the ecstasy pills that were found on her by police were not hers and that she doesn’t know how they got there.

According to reports, police found two pills in her sunglasses case when they were searching her. Chyna claims that they are not hers and that they were planted!

She said that she never packs herself and that this day in particular, her usual assistants didn’t pack her bags, meaning that someone else was in charge.

She didn’t give any names, but she is assuming that the person who packed her bags is responsible for planting the drugs.

Chyna, who is supposedly a drug expert, also said that she wouldn’t even know where to get this drug in pill for these days, adding that this is an outdated method for taking MDMA and that most people prefer powder these days.

Solid defense, Chyna!

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