Brad Pitt Sings ‘Oyelowo’ – Fellow Actor’s Name (VIDEO)

26th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Festival Awards Gala - Awards Presentation

A strange thing happened on a Saturday night, January 3 at the annual formal gala for the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Brad Pitt showed us that he cannot only act but sing beautifully as well. 

He was tasked with the introduction of a honoree David Oyelowo, a British actor who’s the new rising star in Hollywood. Oyelowo portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a movie “Selma”, produced by Brad Pitt.


Brad used the often mispronounced surname of a young actor to make a sing-along with the audience. Of course, the crowd loved this and made the whole thing look and sound so good that it actually stole the attention from the actual award.

This event is famous for attracting Academy Award voters, so this can be a good sign for the phenomenal movie “Selma”. The Oscars are set for February 22, and we hope that the Oyelowo is going to get the recognition that he deserves…


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