Bruce Jenner Says Dress Photos Were Illegally Obtained; Threatens Legal Action

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Bruce Jenner is threatening to sue the New York Daily News.

Bruce was photographed in his Malibu home wearing a striped maxi dress while holding a cigarette. The photo was taken by the photo agency X-17 and appeared on the April 22 issue of the tabloid. It has also been featured on CNN and multiple other magazines. This was just two days before his long expected Diane Sawyer interview.

Bruce claims that the photo violates his privacy. Alan Nierob, Bruce’s representative, said in a statement:

Both Daily News and CNN pulled the photos sold to them by X-17, once they found out they were illegally obtained.

The photo agency pulled the photo from sales once it was confirmed that is was shot illegaly. A spokeswoman for The Daily News said:

We removed the pictures from our digital platforms after we became aware of new information in relation to the circumstances of how — and where — they were taken.

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