Can We Talk About Hulk Hogan’s Court Bandana?


The closing arguments in wrestling legend Hulk Hogan‘s privacy invasion lawsuit against Gawker were heard on Friday and the jury is going to make a decision that can have a lot of effect on the way media and celebrities will be able to interact in the future.

However, let’s talk about what’s on Hogan‘s head for a while. Is that a formal bandana? Why does he have to wear one to court? And yes, he does insist that he has to wear it. In fact, his legal team asked the Florida court last year if he could wear a bandana to court, and the court ruled that he could – as long as it didn’t have any logos on it and it was just a plain bandana.

So the formal bandana was born. All back, all business. Hopefully this starts a new trend and we’ll see celebrities wearing bandanas to awards shows and charity banquets soon.

Until then, you are going to get a least one more chance to bask in the greatness of the Hulkster‘s formal bandana when the jury reaches a decision. Hogan is seeking $100 million in damages from Gawker, you released a sex tape in which he is having sex with the ex-wife of his best friend.

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