Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Baby’s Sex


In the midst of speculation about Underwood’s pregnancy, the singer decided to finally reveal the big “secret” at the CMAs, which were hosted by her and Brad Paisley.

Actually, it wasn’t really Carrie who made the big revelation – it was her co-host, who was anxious to find out whether Underwood and her husband, hockey player Mike Fischer, were expecting a boy or a girl.

He begged her to tell him and she did, after which Paisley jokingly bragged that now he knew something the neither the crowd nor TMZ know. Later, when they were talking about country legend Garth Brooks, Paisley said to Underwood that they could name the baby “Garth.”

She pretended to be upset because of his “slip” and the audience cheered the news. Of course, the whole thing was planned by the two co-hosts, maybe even scripted. Underwood and Fischer’s baby is expected to make its way into the work this coming spring.

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