Celebrities Gone Weird On Jimmy Kimmel’s Post-Oscar Special


A series of new parody movie trailers flooded the internet on Sunday. US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel arranged Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Queen Latifah and Christoph Waltz to turn several popular YouTube videos into hilarious parodies as part of his annual Jimmy Kimmel Live! post-Oscar special.

The host took brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth to make a remake of legendary video from 2007, Charlie Bit My Finger, for a movie called Bitman Begins. You just have to love these puns.

In addition, Meryl appears as a mother, while Tom Hanks took a role of a hooded monk who’s taking care of Liam.

Queen Latifah portrayed Kimberly ‘Sweet Brown’ Wilkins, the internet star from 2012, who became famous for giving an interview about her escape from an apartment fire in Oklahoma.

The next fake movie trailer features Joseph Gordon-Levitt who portrayed David in a movie adaptation about a youngster who was given anesthesia for dental surgery and then starts to hallucinate.

Furthermore, Joseph was accompanied by Catherine Zeta-Jones as the tooth fairy and a mad dentist played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Dressed in a giant cat costume, Kevin Spacey portrayed Ameowdeus, the Amadeus-piano-playing cat, with the help of Christoph Waltz who took care of a conspiratorial hamster in a furry white suit.

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