Charlie Sheen Denies Rumors Of Knife Attack


Charlie Sheen responded to accusations of being high and attacking the staff of a dental office in a way that only Sheen could. He called the dental technician that made the accusations a “desperate troll” and said that none of what she said to media was true.

According to the woman who made the allegations, Sheen visited the office high on crack cocaine and attacked her boss with a knife. It seems that Sheen was actually telling the truth here, because the technician’s boss also denied the claims and fired her.

Sheen commented that she should have taken the cocaine that he supposedly smoked and sold it, because she’s now a “jobless washout and traitor.”

It seems to be just another day in the crazy life of Charlie Sheen, you in the past has not hidden his twisted lifestyle, but it’s good to know that not all of the negative rumors about him are necessarily true.

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