Chris Brown ‘Utterly Wasted’


During a BET after party, Chris Brown had to be carried out by friends, and now he’s admitting that he was definitely completely wasted.

According to TMZ, the star has privately admitted he “was goaded at Playhouse into drinking… to celebrate his triumphant return on the BET stage”. Although he had only “several shots”, that was enough to turn him into a beast considering he hasn’t had any alcohol in six months.

It’s unlikely that the public perception of Brown is ever going to get any better considering his crimes and, worse, the ways he chose to handle his crimes. This is the guy who put Rihanna in hospital, then apologized, and then threw a chair at a window when someone asked him about it on Good Morning America.

Brown, like little Justin Bieber, is one of those famous people who is in desperate need of rehabilitation and this is the wrong way to do it, and eventually come out with a different imagery.

It is always the best policy when it comes to making believe that you’ve changed in some way and really learned your lesson. Otherwise, all you’re doing is proving that you’ve got something to hide and that hypocrisy makes it impossible that people will trust you again when you say you’re a different person now.

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