Chris Brown’s Assault Victim Testifies


Troubled star Chris Brown’s trial for misdemeanor assault is due to start on Friday, April 18. His bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, took the stand on Thursday, April 17, was charged with beating up plaintiff Parker Adams.

They were both accused of attacking a 20-year old outside a Washington, D.C. hotel in 2013.

Hollosy could be facing six months behind bars if convicted. The victim, Adams, who had his nose broken during the bust-up, testified on Thursday that Brown attacked him after refusing to take a picture with the victim. However, it was Hollosy who beat him up, broke his nose and left him with face injuries.

Adams said that he approached Brown outside the W Hotel with two female friends. The singer then agreed to take a picture with the girls, but made homophobic comments about taking one with Adams.

The conversation soon become physical and the victim said, “As I put my dukes up, that’s when the bodyguard stepped in between us and he slugged me in the face.”

Brown and Hollosy both pleaded not guilty.

Chris was on probation when the assault happened and he got arrested. He now faces continued jail time if convicted. This assault violates the probation.

He was already behind bars in March after violating probation. He was dismissed from a rehab clinic where he went to resolve his anger-management issues.

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