Ciara No Longer Engaged To Rapper Future


After getting engaged in 2013, hip hop super couple Ciara and Future are reportedly calling off the wedding.

This could not have come at more troubling time, considering that Ciara just gave birth to their first child in May. However, it seems that Future has been unfaithful while on tour, and Ciara has decided that she no longer wants to be with him.

Future was asked for a comment about the apparent breaking off of the engagement, but sources close to the rapper said that he would not speak about it. Instead, he is going back to the studio and trying to focus on writing his new album. Expect Future to address the status of the relationship in one of his new songs, though.

According to Future’s people, he is working on a mixtape now that is going to be called Evol. It is pronounced like “evil” but it is actually love spelled backwards.

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