Cosby Admitted To Buying Drugs To Use On His Victims


Is there no end to the devious stuff we will learn about Bill Cosby? He has been raping women for decades and he seems to be showing no remorse. The latest thing we learn is that he also bought drugs to “use” on the women he intended to have sex with.

And it is not like this is a rumor. Noo. The Associated Press has managed to get some documents released which clearly show that Cosby admitted to purchasing drugs that he planned on using on women. The documents are transcripts from the 2005 trial in which Cosby was also accused of raping 12 women.

Despite his admittance of the fact, he was never sentenced because a settlement was reached. The worst thing is that he will probably not answer for any of his crimes in the future either, due to the statute of limitations.

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