Costumed Fan Scares The Hell Out Of Norman Reedus


Norman Reedus, star of the Walking Dead series, became the first victim of a zombie apocalypse. Well, not literally, but Reedus was scared to death by a zombie prank orchestrated by his crew.

During Reedus’ press interview in a hotel room in Japan, a fan named Nick Santonastasso appeared from under a table in full zombie make-up. Nick was also born with one arm and no legs.

Before hugging Nick, Reedus is recorded screaming and cursing before he could pull himself together.

His fellow colleague from The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln, and the TV show’s make-up department came to this idea, and prepared Santonastasso to look like one of the living dead characters from the series.

“That was awesome and I already know about you… Wow. Good job, you jerk,” Reedus told Nick, while Lincoln revealed, “I bet 20 bucks that you’d scream.”

Santonastasso has already become famous for his zombie pranks in public, while The Walking Dead crew took him with them to Tokyo so he could pull his trick.

Reedus later tweeted, “no crossbow. A zombie finally got me!” You just have to love this guy. And now we know who should be with us when Zombie Apocalipse strikes. And he’s handsome, too.

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