Cristiano Ronaldo Vacations On Yacht With Family


What would you do if you just won a European Championship? If you’re soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, then you would take your yacht and your family out to Ibiza for a bit of sun and fun.

After suffering an injury to his knee during the final game of the Championship tournament, the Portuguese star needed to rest up a bit. And of course, he needs to keep his tan in order.

Known as one of the sexiest athletes in the world, Ronaldo isn’t afraid to show off his physique and give his sculpted abs some time in the sun. But as we all know, when you’re tanning, you gotta stay protected.

And who better to help you reach all of the tight spots than your mom? That’s right Ronaldo took his mom and other family members on the vacation with him, and his mom Dolores was seen helping put some tanning oil on the back of his $200 million legs.

Ronaldo was also seen having fun with his son Cristiano Jr. both in the sun and on the luxury yacht.

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