Del Rey Takes to Twitter to Defend Cobain Comments


Lana Del Rey received a lot of flak for some comments that she made recently in an interview. When talking about dead rock stars like Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, Del Rey said that she wished that she was dead already.

This comment has been scrutinized ever since. And even Kurt Cobain’s daughter took to Twitter to voice her opinion about the comments, stating that it is not cool to romanticize the deaths of young people.

Del Rey responded to France Bean via Twitter as well, saying that the interviewer was asking a lot about Kurt and that she said that she liked him because he was talented, not because he died young.

She added:

The other half of what I said wasn’t really related to the people she mentioned. I don’t find that part of music glam either. I regret trusting the guardian- i didn’t want to do an interview but the journalist was persistent.

Del Rey said that the journalist who interviewed her, Alexis Petridis, has “sinister ambitions” and that he was giving her leading questions about death which Del Rey felt were “calculated.”

Frances Bean was apparently very angered by what she read, so it makes sense that Del Rey is reaching out in order to try to explain the comments.

Cobain’s daughter urged Del Rey via Twitter to embrace life and not to waste it like her father, singer Amy Winehouse, and many other rock stars that died too young.

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