Denzel Paid His Tribute To Boxer ‘Hurricane’


Actor Denzel Washington and legendary boxer Mike Tyson paid their tribute to sports icon Rubin Carter who had died on Sunday, April 20.

The boxing star, better known by his nickname Hurricane, had longtime prostate cancer struggle and passed away in Toronto, Canada.

Carter’s life story was very dramatic. His boxing career was promising and he was a rising star, until he was wrongfully convicted of no less than three murders in New Jersey, his native in 1967.

He spent 19 years in prison before he was finally released in 1985, after numerous appeals.

His life story served as an inspiration for the movie The Hurricane in 1999, starring Denzel Washington as Carter. The Oscar-winner was among other celebrities who shared their condolences after the sad news was announced.

Denzel’s statement read, “God bless Rubin Carter and his tireless fight to ensure justice for all.”

Scott Gries / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Scott Gries / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Washington and Carter were also good friends. He brought Carter onstage when he received his Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama in 2000, when he said, “This man right here is love. He’s all love. He lost about 7,300 days of his life, and he’s love. He’s all love.”


Legendary boxer Tyson took to to express his sorrow, saying, “We lost a great man today, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the boxer who was wrongfully accused and became a symbol for racial injustice. RIP.”


 Central Press / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Central Press / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Evander Holyfield also tweeted, “RIP Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter (May 6 1937 – April 20, 2014).” He also posted two black and white photos of Carter in his fighting stance and another of him knocking out an opponent in the ring.

Olympic gold medalist George Foreman added, “A sad day, for Carter was a hero… Sorry to say I never met Hurricane. But he was a real Champ… Prison; so many wrongfully convicted, 20 years he was with the salt of the earth. He is proof, good folks are behind bars.”

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