Did Melania Trump Plagiarize Michelle Obama’s Speech?


Everyone expected that the Republican National Convention would give us a lot to talk about as well as a good amount of controversy. Well, it seems that everyone was right.

Republic presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife Melania, a former celebrity model, gave her first ever political speech at the event.

The crowd at the convention absolutely loved the speech, which was met with tons of applause. However, once the speech was out, a lot of people started claiming that it sounded familiar.

In particular, many believe that Melania Trump ripped off parts of the speech from a speech that was given in 2008 by United States President BarackObama’s wife, First Lady Michelle Obama.

If you look at the video presented by CNN with both of the speeches compared, the similarities are pretty glaring. Both focus on hard work and Melaniaeven reused complete phrases that were uttered by Michelle Obama back in 2008.

So, what do you think? Plagiarism or coincidence? Check out the video and decide for yourself.

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