FEMEN Girls Step Up Their Game With Dildos And Nudity


FEMEN was once pretty much a run of the mill, awkward feminist group whose members screamed angry slogans outside of economic summits, financial institutions, pro-life institution or McDonald’s.

Now, they’ve taken it a step further, and got wigs and props and somebody who learned how to write naughty phrases in English. So, whatever turns you on, if you see a couple dozen topless girls sucking dildos with slogans while rolling on the ground in Brussels, you’re going to look.

You’ll probably read some anti-G7, anti-Putin remarks on a plastic dildo and maybe, you’ll challenge some of your solid beliefs on geopolitics. It’s very unfortunate that women must get naked in public just to be heard, though it’s unclear as to unfortunate for whom, still.

Femen Quebec is a small group of girls, and some members are too busy to protest on Friday. So, when the Montreal’d Grand Prix protest happened, it came down only to an army of two, Neda Topalowski and Julie-Anne Beaulac.

While they were already topless at Neda’s place, they explained what they would be doing.

There’s this F1 car on display outside of Winnie’s bar,” said Neda.

I’m going to climb on top while Julie-Anne holds a banner on the balcony. We’re going to be masturbating with dildos. It’s the ultimate display of masculinity and male pleasure, which shows what the Grand Prix is really about. The whole Grand Prix is male pleasure – the competition, the wealth, the girls.”

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