Finally! Morgan Freeman Can Be Your GPS Guide


When you buy a GPS device, you’re always hoping that the voice you get is going to be calm and reassuring. If you’re going for that effect, why not hire the guy who was once hired to give God a voice in the movies?

That’s right, Mr. Morgan Freeman!

In case you didn’t know, Google has a free navigation app that is called Waze. They have been asking celebrities to lend their voices for it, and finally they have asked the right man for the job. So the next time you are taking a road trip with a bad hangover and you need a calm and soothing voice to let you know what exit to take off the Interstate, it’s good to know that you can choose to have Morgan Freeman guide you.

There is a marketing catch, though. Freeman is doing this as promotion for his new movie “London Has Fallen,” in which he plays the vice president. So on top of all that, he is going to be addressing you as the president when guiding you to the nearest grocery store!

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